Athlete Registration

Lifesaving Athlete Registration Information


  • All Athletes wanting to compete who are 13yrs. and over must be registered.  Please complete the Lifesaving Sport BC & Yukon Athlete Registration Form.
  • For Athletes less then 18yrs of age a parent or guardian must complete the Lifesaving Sport BC & Yukon Athlete Registration Form.
  • Athletes wanting to compete must be registered with an affiliated club and may not be registered as an unattached competitor. 

To be eligible to compete in BC & Yukon Branch Championships and sanctioned competition, a competitor must be:

  • An individual member in good standing with the Lifesaving Society;
  • A BC & Yukon Branch Registered Athlete  


Any Lifesaving Society member in good standing is welcome to participate in sanctioned competition in BC or the Yukon.

All participating athletes must register annually through their respective Lifesaving Club in order to participate in competitions. Individual members not associated with a Lifesaving Club may not register as an unattached competitor, they must be registered with an affiliated club.

BC & Yukon Branch Registered Athletes are eligible to:

  • Participate in Lifesaving Society sanctioned competition and other competitive opportunities (i.e training camps)
  • Compete in the Provincial Lifesaving Championships
  • Compete in Canadian Pool and Surf Lifesaving Championships
  • Compete in the Interclub or Masters World Lifesaving Championships
  • Represent Team Canada at the World Lifesaving Championships, RLSS Commonwealth Pool Lifesaving Championships and other international competitions.

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