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Aquatic Safety Management:
If It Is Foreseeable It Is Preventable

As Canada's lifeguarding expert, the Lifesaving Society establishes aquatic safety standards and consults on aquatic safety issues for the aquatic industry, governments, and the judiciary. The Society's suite of aquatic safety management services helps aquatic facility operators maintain and improve safe pool and waterfront operations and provides aquatic facility owners and operators with the tools necessary to identify and reduce risks to clients.

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The Lifesaving Society is recognized as a leader in developing standards for activities in, on and around water. Through its National Safety Standards Commission, the Society sets national aquatic environment standards and clarifies existing provincial/territorial regulations. In Canada, most provincial/territorial jurisdictions have regulations or guidelines for public aquatic facilities. These regulations or guidelines vary in the aquatic safety issues they address, and in their specifics. These regulations or guidelines may also be silent on topics deemed relevant by the Lifesaving Society.

Owners and operators of public swimming pools must fulfill the requirements detailed in regulations. Local health inspectors perform inspections of public pools and should be used as resources in answering questions and assisting owners and operators in meeting the regulations.

The Standards, Policies and Information Bulletins presented on this website are designed to provide guidance to public pool owners and operators on matters not addressed in regulation or guidelines in their own jurisdictions and assist aquatic staff in operating safe facilities.

Lifesaving Society standards are based on extensive research of existing standards, guidelines and best practices at home and abroad. Lifesaving Society standards represent the reasonable minimum; pool operators are encouraged to go beyond them.

Request an Aquatic Safety Audit

Request an Aquatic Safety Audit

The Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon Branch helps aquatic facility operators maintain and improve safe pool and waterfront operations. In response to requests, Branch representatives deliver aquatic safety management services such as waterfront audits, pool inspections, pool audits, waterfront inspections, waterfront audits, pool safety plan reviews, post-incident reviews serve and as an expert witness in legal cases involving aquatic safety. The objective of the Aquatic Safety Audit Program is to maximize the safety of aquatic facilities thereby reducing the likelihood of aquatic-related injury and drowning. If you are interested in an aquatic safety audits or any of our other aquatic safety management services please fill our our information request form.

Become an Auditor

Aquatic Safety Management training courses are designed to enhance safety in aquatic facilities and enhance professional development for aquatic staff. Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement (SEE) training is the first step on the path to becoming an Aquatic Safety Auditor and gives you the skills required to evaluate the effectiveness of lifeguard and instructor supervision.

Become an Auditor
Become an Accredited Facility

Become an Accredited Facility

The Lifesaving Society Quality Assurance Facility Accreditation Program provides an objective, formal validation from the experts in Aquatic Safety Management, of your ongoing commitment to the best practices in safety. Becoming an accredited facility ensures participating affiliates have confidence that their facilities are operating at or above the best industry standards. The Facility Accreditation Program promotes public awareness of the facility’s commitment the health and wellbeing of the community.

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