Take A First Aid Course Take A First Aid Course

Take A First Aid Course

Not knowing what to do in an emergency situation is stressful. Build your confidence by taking a first aid course to not only relieve your stress but to learn how to save a life and prevent injury both in the workplace or at play. As a recognized Occupational First Aid Level 1 equivalent training agency, and one of the big five first aid training agencies in Canada, the Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon has a unique simplified approach to making first aid training accessible with hands-on, in-person classes.

First aid certificates are recognized by WorkSafeBC, meet all provincial legislation requirements and are transferable between provinces as the first aid courses adhere to the National CSA Group curriculum standards.

Process To Attain Certification:

  • Present the necessary prerequisites.
  • Attend 100% of the course or recertification.
  • Successfully complete all the test items within the course/recertification duration.

Candidates will receive a temporary certification card upon completion of the course and will be issued and electronic certification card via e-mail upon successful completion of the course administration.

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