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Transfer Your Awards

Certification holders moving to BC or the Yukon from another Canadian Lifesaving Society Branch need to arrange to have their awards transferred from their home Branch. To make this process easy, please use the online Inter-Branch Transfer Form found below to transfer to the Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon.

Please note that First Aid Instructors, First Aid Instructor Trainers, Lifesaving Instructors, Lifesaving Instructor Trainers, National Lifeguard Instructors, and National Lifeguard Instructor Trainers will need to complete additional items prior to teaching in BC. Please check with the BC & Yukon Branch prior to teaching any advanced certification levels in BC or the Yukon.

To learn more about Inter-Branch Transfers, International Transfers and Inter-Agency Transfers, please refer to our policies.

For instructor transfer steps please refer to our Program Guide.

Transfer Form

Please fill out the below form. We collect some personal information to assist us and you in providing current, accurate information to your new branch.

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