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Expert Witness

As the recognized national authority on aquatic safety, lifesaving and lifeguarding, the Lifesaving Society is often asked to provide expertise for court cases and inquests. The Society responds to requests for an expert opinion in a strictly unbiased, non-partisan manner to further its humanitarian goal of reducing drowning and aquatic-related injury.

Examples of issues within the scope of Society expertise include:

  • Safety standards/procedures
  • Lifesaving standards/procedures
  • Lifeguarding standards/procedures
  • Rescue standards/procedures
  • Instructional standards/procedures

The role of an expert witness in a civil lawsuit or coroner's inquest is to assist the court in its deliberation on a matter which is outside the scope of knowledge of the ordinary person. The subject matter of the expert evidence is such that an ordinary person is unlikely to form an accurate judgement without assistance from an expert in the field.

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