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Offer Lifesaving Society Programs

Become a Lifesaving Society Affiliate

An Affiliate is an organization or individual who wishes to partner with the Lifesaving Society to uphold their mandate to prevent drowning through public education, programming and/or safety services. Affiliate members of the Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon Branch include municipal recreation departments, YMCA/YWCAs, summer camps, school boards, colleges, universities, private companies, and individual instructors.

Lifesaving Society Affiliates play an essential role in lifesaving training by offering the Society’s training awards and certifications to the public or to their members. Affiliates play a key role in support of Water Smart public education in their communities throughout the Branch.

Affiliates also provide direction to the Society concerning community needs and suggestions concerning program revisions.

Affiliate Benefits

We invite Affiliates to make full use of the programs and services offered by the Society

  • Permission to offer the training programs of the Lifesaving Society.
  • Access to the online program support material for all Lifesaving Society programs.
  • Access to personnel to provide support to programmers, instructors and lifeguards.
  • Access to Public Education and Water Smart messaging to keep your community safe.
  • Access to Aquatic Safety Management courses for facilities and waterfronts.
  • Additional marketing opportunities to post courses on the BC & Yukon Branch website.
  • Access to promote and receive employment opportunities via the BC & Yukon Branch website.
  • Access to program material and merchandise through The Shop.
  • A voting delegate at the BC & Yukon Annual General Meeting of the Society (Seasonal Affiliation Level excluded).
  • Opportunity to provide input and direction with Branch operation.
  • Access to National Research on Drowning and an annual Canadian & Provincial Drowning Report.
  • Affiliate Members (only) are eligible for a license to offer the Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program.
  • Affiliate Membership entitles your organization to participate in lifesaving sport championships.
  • Affiliate Members receive preferred Affiliate Member rates for some aquatic management services. These services are provided by the Lifesaving Society to maximize the safety of participants in aquatic recreation facilities.
  • An opportunity to be recognized for outstanding contributions in support of the Society’s mission.

Affiliate Process

Becoming an Affiliate is an effortless process. The steps are as follows:

  • Review the current Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon Program Guide to ensure that you have the space, equipment, and capacity to run the programs you are seeking to offer.
  • Review and fill in the Affiliate Agreement found below.
  • Send the completed Affiliate Agreement to
  • Your Affiliation will be confirmed via email once payment has been received.

Affiliate Membership Levels:

Affiliate Members pay annual affiliation fees depending on their level of affiliation. All affiliations are for a calendar year or portion thereof. Affiliation fees are not prorated.


An organization with an unlimited number of instructors can offer all programs within their scope.

  • Yearly
  • Seasonal (any four-month period)


A single instructor can offer all programs within their scope

  • Yearly
  • Seasonal (any four-month period)
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