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Commonwealth Honour & Rescue Ceremony

The Honour and Rescue Awards Ceremony allow family, friends, dignitaries and the Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon to formally recognize the dedicated efforts of award recipients.

The Honour awards commend the dedicated efforts of the Lifesaving Society’s volunteers with presentations based on years of service. All Commonwealth awards are highly regarded by the Society. They are approved by the Royal Life Saving Society (founding Branch of the Society) located in England and signed by Prince Michael of Kent, the Commonwealth President of the Royal Life Saving Society.

The Honour Awards are as follows:

Certificate of Thanks (2 years)

Commendation Service Medal and Bar to Service Medal

Service Cross (15 years) and Bar to the Service Cross (20+ years)

Commonwealth Honorary Life Member

The Rescue Awards continue the celebration by rewarding people for unselfishness in putting their lives on the line during a water rescue. The nominations are may from rescues reported in the news, from individual recommendations and from police reports.

The Rescue Awards are as follows:

Silver Medal of Merit Acknowledges meritorious service in saving a life during a water rescue.

Silver Medal for Bravery Acknowledges water rescues involving significant acts of bravery

M.G. Griffiths Award Given to a Lifesaving Society proficiency award holder who applied skill and knowledge gained through the Society’s programs to aid a victim of an aquatic emergency.

George A. Brown Memorial Gold Medal & Scholarship Presented annually to a pre-teen performing the most courageous aquatic rescue of the year. The young hero’s medal, bearing the Brown family arms and motto “Courage and Determination”, is accompanied by a $500 scholarship award. George Brown was a former Branch Governor and was committed to youth involvement in lifesaving.

Governor’s Gold Medal for Bravery Chosen by the Governor of the B.C. & Yukon Branch and presented for the most heroic rescue of the year


  • Service Medal Louise Bishoff, Veronica Grusnick, Emma Jacobsen, Julie Kaufman, Kyle Kronebusch
  • Bar to Service Medal Alyson Dewey, Heidi Ogilvie, Melina Sweezey, Kim TownSchon, Tia Town-Schon
  • Service Cross Jeffery Holland
  • Bar to Service Cross Lori-Ann Drew, Graham Esplen, Len Manuel, Lori-Ann Drew, Sheila Pollard
  • President’s Plaque Chris Cordova


  • Certificate of Thanks Louise Bishoff, Melissa Gillespie, Veronica Grusnick, Emma Jacobsen, Julie Kaufman, Kyle Kronebusch, Andrew Mudiappu, Stefanie Panesar, Rebecca Tomlin
  • Service Medal Elaine Leong, Gordon Macdonnell, Krista Sabatino
  • Bar to Service Medal Lauralee March, Michael Miller, Dan Minster
  • Bar to Service Cross Karen Hillmann
  • President’s Plaque Stefanie Panesar
  • Lifesaving Society Canada National President’s Award Brooke Cherfils, Betty Chuck, Krystyna Domes, Dale Miller, Stephanie Joh, Áine Plunkett, Cheryl Sibany, Emily Witter
  • Retirement Award Glenn Schultz


  • Certificate of Thanks: Paul Wechselberger
  • Service Medal: Alyson Dewey, Renee Field, Heidi Ogilvie, Kim TownSchon, Tia Town-Schon
  • Bar to Service Medal: Jeffrey Holland
  • Service Cross: Graham Esplen, Michael Lawless
  • President’s Plaque: Ian Robertson


  • Certificate of Thanks: Troy Bingham, Sean Chambers, Jonathan Goerzen, Debbie Heywood, Gordon Macdonnell, Jerry Michael
  • Service Medal: Chris Cordova, Claire Nicol, Melina Sweezey
  • Honorary Commonwealth: Life Member, Nicole Liddell
  • President’s Plaque: Paul Wechselberger


  • Certificate of Thanks Elaine Leong
  • Certificate of Thanks John MacRitchie
  • Certificate of Thanks Rafal Olejniczak
  • Certificate of Thanks Ailsa Pella
  • Certificate of Thanks Krista Sabatino
  • President's Plaque Monica Sicotte


  • Certificate of Thanks Chris Cordova
  • Certificate of Thanks Tia Town-Schon
  • Service Medal Lauralee Cheng
  • Service Medal Jeff Holland
  • Service Medal Alison Stevens
  • President's Plaque Graham Esplen


  • Silver Medal for Merit Eric Kang, Kyle Klint, Ronald Tait, Alexis Tone, Karlie Wilson
  • Silver Medal for Bravery Sokha Eang, Melicia Ebanks, Marc Helman, Cassandra Ladyka, Adam Nelson, Cole Notter, Donovan Ray, Priya Sadher, Jordan Skinner, Steven Spurr, Flavia Mandic, Flavia Nascimento, Christopher Rolfe, Juliana Santana
  • MG Griffiths Award Melicia Ebanks, Kyle Klint, Cassandra Ladyka, Donovan Ray, Steven Spurr, Alexis Tone
  • GA Brown Memorial Medal No eligible recipient
  • Governor’s Gold Award Erin Kang, Cole Notter, Priya Sadher, Jordan Skinner
  • Yukon Commissioner’s Medal Ronald Tait


  • Silver Medal for Merit: Mike Attard, Doney Gibson, John Gilmour, Billy Mcginnis, Greg Mckay, Kade Pilton, Damien Corson, Thyren Garde-Jacobs, Simon Pidcock, Gary Sutton, Sam Schacke
  • MG Griffiths Award: Neil Boyle, Lily Cox, Jeannene Crosby, Alexis Edall, Graham Esplen, John Gilmour, Ian Greenwood, Kate Hunter, Georgia Springate
  • Silver Medal for Bravery: Cameron Black, Matt Sroka, Neil Boyle, Lily Cox, Kate Hunter, Georgia Springate, Jeannene Crosby, Alexis Edall, Graham Esplen, Michelle Dixi Zhao, Katrina Fowler, Ian Greenwood, Ashley Yarrow, Laura Ralph
  • GA Brown Memorial Medal: Lily Cox, Kate Hunter. Georgia Springate
  • Governor’s Gold Award: Thyren Garde-Jacobs, Simon Pidcock, Gary Sutton


  • Silver Medal for Merit: Avtar Hothi, Randy Knockwood, Hailey McIntyre, Nicole Mulcahy, Betty Timuss
  • Silver Medal for Bravery: Mike Broadway, Lelania Chapman, Daniel Christie, Clayton Hill, Randy Robinson, Cathy Thomson, Timothy Tom, Erin Wiltse
  • Governor’s Gold: Lelania Chapman


  • Silver Medal for Merit: Andrew Anaka, Meagan Brame, Steven Brame, Wayne Carson, Anne De Jong, Erika Maarhuis, Raylene Tysson, Francis Campbell, Michelle Campbell, Peter Frank Jr., Etienne Herold, Trinity Jezierski, Kenny Brown, Carl Martin, Marcel Martin, Clarence Smith, Donald William Jr.
  • Silver Medal for Bravery: Holly Harris, Hugh Ormerod, Cori Marcotte, Taylor Marsh, Cole Howey, Andrew Payne, Mark Tuura
  • Governor’s Gold: Francis Campbell, Michelle Campbell, Peter Frank Jr., Etienne Herold, Trinity Jezierski, Kenny Lucas, Carl Martin, Marcel Martin, Clarence Smith, Donald William Jr.
  • M.G. Griffiths Award: Hugh Ormerod, Mark Tuura


  • Silver Medal for Merit: Norman Abraham Melvin Alexander Leonard Aleck Dale Wells Janis Choquette Heather Innes Juanita Peglar Cheryl Watson Matthew Kozak Kegan Madeira Loren Muth Christian O’Gorman Blain Vandewetering
  • Rescue Awards Silver Medal: for Bravery Abigail Cunningham Faith Dueck Lucille Dueck Gavin England Dave Haywood Michael Smyth Bryn Krestow Owen Krestow Robert McDowell Melissa Thornton Bill Moore Scott Thompson
  • GA Brown Medal: Bryn Krestow Owen Krestow
  • Governor’s Gold: Gavin England
  • M.G. Griffiths Award: Bryn Krestow Owen Krestow Gary Lefebvre


  • Silver Medal for Merit: David Cobb, Andrew Lacon, Mackenzie Lacon, Peter MacDougal, Kristine Williams, Paul Murnaghan, Eric Pehota, Cameron Wetter, Roger Wetter, Sydney Wetter
  • Silver Medal for Bravery: Alan Downie, Oswald Felsman, Deion Watts, Tracy Goodman, Jennifer Partridge, Callie Hill, Julien Peron, Gary Lefebvre, Brennan Lund, Connor Lund, Ethan Milne, Bruce Shaw, Daniel Zayonc
  • GA Brown Medal: Oswald Felsman
  • Governor’s Gold: Alan Downie
  • M.G. Griffiths Award: Tracy Goodman, Callie Hill, Gary Lefebvre, Peter MacDougal, Julien Peron, Sydney Wetter, Kristine Williams, Daniel Zayonc
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