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Recognition And Scholarships

The Lifesaving Society is comprised of thousands of dedicated volunteers, Affiliates, Instructors, Trainers and members. Annually, we recognize dedicated service to the Lifesaving Society.

Commonwealth Honour & Rescue Ceremony


DB Perks Lifesaving Scholarships: Through generous support from DB Perk & Associates Ltd, the Society is able to offer the annual DB Perks Scholarship program.
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Joan MacKinnon Memorial Scholarship: In memory of Joan MacKinnon, this scholarship aims to support someone at the start of their aquatics career.
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Volunteer Awards

Annually, we recognize outstanding individuals who have contributed to the work of the Branch and our mission. The awards are part of a Commonwealth program providing recognition based on years of service and the level of volunteer contribution. They are presented annually at the Branch’s prestigious Honour and Rescue Award Ceremony, typically held in March.

New Instructor Awards

A new instructor is defined as an individual who was certified in the last two calendar years in one of the 3 program streams; Lifesaving Instructor, NL Instructor and First Aid Instructor. We recognize new instructors in each region of the Branch.

Commonwealth Honour& Rescue Ceremony

The Honour and Rescue Awards Ceremony allow family, friends, dignitaries and the Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon to formally recognize the dedicated efforts of award recipients.

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