Coach A Lifesaving Sports Club Coach A Lifesaving Sports Club

Coach a Lifesaving Sport Club

The Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon’s Lifesaving Sport Coaches are part of a unique group of individuals that help establish Lifesaving Sport in their community. It is with their commitment and dedication that Lifesaving Sport programs continue to thrive.

Coaches take on responsibilities that include more than simply teaching a class. They play three key roles:

Teachers: coaches focus on technical information, athletic development, program delivery and explanations, and providing feedback.

Role Models: members may seek their coaches for guidance and naturally imitate their coach's behaviour and attitudes.

Managers: coaches will direct team activities, and communicate with parents, coaches, and aquatic staff.

All Lifesaving Sport programs can be taught by a Lifesaving Instructor and/or a Recreational Coach. Lifesaving Instructors are certified to teach the Junior Lifeguard Club program and to coach Lifesaving Clubs. Lifesaving Instructors use the resources provided to them in their Lifesaving Instructors course, as well as, materials from the Lifesaving Sport Toolkit, to teach Lifesaving Sport programs.

Lifesaving Sport Coaching certification is designed to provide further training and support to Lifesaving Instructors who are teaching the JLC Program and coaching lifesaving clubs. Coaches will learn more about athlete development, designing club workouts, using equipment and preparing to participate in or host competitive activities and events.

Lifesaving Sport coaching course

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