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Our Members Save Lives In, On and Around the Water

The Lifesaving Society is a world leader in drowning prevention thanks to the efforts of tens of thousands of individual members who share the Society’s drowning prevention mandate. These members are:

  • Those who have earned the Bronze Medallion or higher Lifesaving Society award.
  • Those who teach the Society’s lifesaving, first aid, and lifeguarding courses.
  • Those who volunteer for the Lifesaving Society in their communities and at the regional, provincial, national, and international levels.

At the Lifesaving Society of BC & Yukon Branch, we are proud to provide exceptional service to all members. Whether you are an active member, a new member, or a member from another Branch, you make valuable contributions towards reducing the global drowning burden. In this section, you will find information on memberships, recognition & scholarships, high school credits, and resources such as certification policies and liability insurance.

For new members, we provide information on how to transfer an award, between Lifesaving Society branches, between agencies or between countries. We encourage new members to sign up for the Lifeliner newsletter to stay up to date with news and ways to get involved in the Branch.

Find a Member - Verify a Certificate - Member Login

Find a Member is an internet-based interface that allows the user to check Lifesaving Society certifications and the current status of each. To access the service, all that is required is the member’s personal Lifesaving Society Member Number found in the bottom right hand corner of all certification cards.

Find a Member can be accessed from the Society’s website at no cost, from anywhere at any time.

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