Sanctioning and Hosting

Sanctioning is a free service provided by the Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon Branch to help maintain consistency within competitions. Please ensure that you have read and fully understand the requirements in sanctioning your competition. Please see the 2019 Sanctioning Event Package documents below; Please complete and return the sanctioning application form to the office at least one month prior to your competition.

If you would like your competition to be considered as a Regional Competition please apply for sanctioning no later then June 1, for Summer competitions, September 30 for Fall/ Winter and Jan 30th for Spring competitions.  If there is more than one competition in your region requesting endorsement as the regional event, the Branch, in consultation with the Competition Committee, will determine which competition will be designated as the regional competition.  


  • All officials and volunteers will be eligible for Lifesaving Society volunteer recognition
  • All officials will be able to use their participation at your sanctioned event to receive their appropriate certification levels in officiating and judging.
  • When appropriate, athletes who have record-breaking times will be acknowledged for their performances.
  • Results from your competition will be posted on the Lifesaving Society website for posterity.
  • The Lifesaving Society’s insurance policy will cover all competition officials that are certified with a minimum of an Official Level 1 designation.
  • The Branch will assist with the promotion of the sanctioned competition by posting information on the Lifesaving Society website and sending information to interested competitors, coaches and officials.
  •  The Branch Competition Committee will assist the organizers with sample mark sheets, tabulation programs, feedback regarding the competition, etc.
  • Recognition of regional championship status when applicable


  • The competition host organizer must be an Affiliate in good standing with the Lifesaving Society.
  •  All competitors must be members of the Lifesaving Society by holding a current Lifesaving Society award required by the sanctioned competition (Bronze Medallion for Lifesaving Competitions; NLS for Lifeguarding Competitions)
  •  All team names must be reviewed by the Meet Manager and Head Referee to determine level of appropriateness. If this level is not met, the name must be changed prior to the start of the competition.
  •  All rules, events, standards and procedures documented in the Barnsley Lifeguard Championships Handbook (Lifeguard Competition) and/or International Lifesaving Championships Handbook (Lifesaving Competition) must be followed. The sanctioned competition may include other events as long as the events are deemed safe and fair by the host liaison.
  • The host organizing committee must have an appropriate safety plan, safety equipment, and a Competition Safety Officer in place during the day of the competition.

No less than 30 days prior to the date of the competition the Branch must receive the Sanction Application form signed by the Meet Manager which identifies:

  • date, time and location of the competition
  • entry form, program of events
  • name and contact info of the Affiliate Representative
  • name and contact info of the Organizer
  • name and contact info of the Head Referee
  • name and contact info of the Safety Officer
  • proof of liability insurance (have insurance provider give co-insurance on event)

The Branch does not recognize records set in or results of unsanctioned competitions.
The Branch does not insure volunteer officials or competitors in unsanctioned competitions.


  • For events requiring simulated emergencies, it is the expectation of organizers to uphold the standards of the National Lifeguard program.
  • All victims/scenarios, although challenging, must be based on scenarios that realistically could occur to a lifeguard or team of lifeguards, either on-duty or off.
  • No scenario should require lifeguards to perform tasks that for other reasons would not be expected nor evaluated based on National Lifeguard standards (this could include administration of medication, entrance into a dangerous scene, use of weapons or procedures above their standard of care).
  • For guidance on the appropriateness of potential simulated emergencies, the Competition Committee should be consulted at

For more information or questions use the contact form found on our home page


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