Lifesaving Society Groups

Our website allows you to join member groups to keep up to date and share information among your peers.  When you create an account, you are given the option to join a group.   Once the request has been processed, you will have access to that group(s) area on the site.   You must hold the appropriate certifications to be a member of a group.  You can request to join a group, if you did not join when creating your account, or if you have attained additional certifications.  Please note that you must first create an account before joining a group.


  • Includes all BC & Yukon Branch Affiliates


  • Competition
  • Executive
  • Program Advisory Group

Advanced Instructor Groups

  • Lifesaving Instructors & Instructor Trainers
  • First Aid Instructors & Instructor Trainers
  • National Lifeguard Instructors & Instructor Trainers