NL Instructor Recertification

NL Instructor Recertification

National Lifeguard Instructors (NLI) play an important role in providing high quality lifeguard training to the community.  The NL Instructor Recertification includes a mandatory skill review, program updates and professional development sessions based on current information and aquatic research.

The Lifesaving Society is excited to announce the launch of the 2017-2019 NL Instructor Recertification cycle. All NL Instructors Instructors and NL Instructor Trainers must recertify between April 1 and June 30, 2017 in order to continue teaching after June 30, 2017. Only new NL Recerts will be taught after June 30, 2017.

When attending an NLI Recertification, be sure to bring your NLI certification card, NL Award Guide, pocket mask and be prepared to go into the water.

NL Instructor Current within past 5 years.
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NL Recert Conductor
Instructional Time: 

The NLI Recert is a minimum of 5 hours consisting of both classroom and pool time.  The NLI Recert is taught and evaluated by a current National Lifeguard Instructor Trainer.


A temporary certification card is issued on the last day of course to successful candidates that have shown all prerequisites to the NLIT.  A permanent Certification Card will be mailed to the address indicated on the course roster.  Contact the Lifesaving Society if a permanent card has not been received within 60 days of course completion.



The NLI award is current for 2 years.  After two years the NLI/NLIT will need to attend a Recertification in order to continue teaching (extensions will not be granted).  NLIs/NLITs have 5 years from date of certification to recertify, but cannot teach during this time. Any NLI/NLIT who is under 5 years from the date of issue can recertify by attending an NLI Recertification.

Any NLI/NLIT who is 5 to 9 years from the date of issue can recertify by attending a full NLI course again or by completing a Bridges package prior to attending an NLI Recertification.

Any NLI/NLIT who is more than 10 years past the date of issue must take the NLI/NLIT course again.

Evaluation and Other Items: 
  • To review NL program policies and administrative procedures
  • To provide a program update on all NL program options
  • To review core knowledge and skill components to ensure consistent delivery of the NL programs
  • To provide participants with updated materials to promote, teach, evaluate and administer NL programs