As the recognized national authority on lifesaving and lifeguarding, the Lifesaving Society is frequently asked to provide its expertise.

Advice on Operational Concerns

As the standard-setter in aquatic safety, the Lifesaving Society is pleased to offer its affiliate members advice on aquatic facility operational concerns. Whether it's interpreting regulations or suggesting solutions, the vast experience of the Society's Safety Management team is available to affiliates.

Major Incident Management Service

When an incident occurs, the Society responds to affiliate requests for post-incident management. The Society provides timely assistance whether it's meeting with the staff, ensuring the correct information is collected, reviewing the incident circumstances, or guiding the affiliate through the investigative processes.

 In addition, the Society can conduct an Incident Review and prepare a report with its recommendations that will address any issues and enhance safety in the facility.

Expert Witness Services

As the only recognized authority in Canada, the Society is frequently consulted by both sides in civil cases. The Society believes that it is inappropriate to withhold expertise from one party simply because there has been consultation by the other side. This role has received judicial approval.

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to consult with counsel to advise and offer an opinion. Following site visits and accident reconstruction, the Lifesaving Society presents a detailed report, which would be supported by the Society's appearance in court. 

For More information contact Cheryl Sibany, Manager of Safety Services

The Lifesaving Society offers the following services: