National Trainer


National Trainers are representatives of the Branch and expert Trainers. They are current Trainers who actively teach in two (2) or more streams, have a heart to mentor and are willing to commit to the National Trainer job description. For more information, please contact the Branch Office.

Process to Attain Certification  

  • To attain certification as a leader in Lifesaving, candidates must:

  • Present the necessary prerequisites

  • Read the Canadian Lifesaving Manual

  • Complete pre-course assignments

  • Attend 100% of the Lifesaving Instructor or Lifesaving Instructor Trainer courses (both 24 hours)

  • Successfully meet all the competencies within the course time. Lifesaving Instructor Trainers must complete the required apprenticeships (LSI course & LSI Recertification) within two (2) years of course completion

  • Candidate will receive a certification card in the mail upon successful completion of the course and course administration

Candidates who do not meet all the performance criteria by the end of the course must retake the full LSI or LSIT course.

Lifesaving Instructor Trainer Current within 2 years
Actively teach as a Trainer in two (2) or more streams