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Canadian Competition Manual

Annually the B.C. and Yukon Branch of the Lifesaving Society presents lifeguards and lifesavers with opportunities to test their lifeguarding and lifesaving skills in fair and challenging environments.  Participants in these competitions can learn new techniques, share ideas, and learn more about lifeguarding and lifesaving.  All competitors and athletes, whether first year or seasoned veterans, benefit from these competitions.

Not all lifesaving sport participants take part in competition, but for those who do, the Society offers annual provincial and national championships. In addition, many sanctioned local and regional competitions are organized in communities every year.


The B.C. and Yukon Branch Lifeguard and Lifesaving Championships consists of: 

Canadian and International upcoming competitions: 

May 9-10
Canadian Lifeguard Emergency Response Championships (Nova Scotia)

June 5-7
Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships (Gatineau, Quebec)

August 28-30
Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships  (New Brunswick)

September 14 – October 3
Lifesaving World Championships (Riccione, Italy)