Work Readiness in Aquatics

All lifeguards and instructors returning from an absence due to illness, injury or maternity leave should receive re-orientation training and a skill evaluation before assuming their safety supervision duties. Such an evaluation could include, but not be limited to:

• Ensuring all required job qualifications and certifications are current
• Ensuring that the fitness and skill standards required by the facility are met
• Knowledge in the specific facility’s current safety systems and emergency procedures
• Knowledge in the specific facility’s current programs, activities, operational and maintenance procedures.

It is expected that these items would only be evaluated after adequate training/re-training is provided by the employer/supervisor.

Employers will often require the returning lifeguard to successfully complete elements of a National Lifeguard recertification as it is recognized as the standard proof of lifeguard competence.

For further information, contact the Lifesaving Society Branch Office.