Where is my card?

If the temporary card issued by the instructor on the last day of the class has expired, and the permanent card has not arrived, we would like to know about it.

Please fill out this form so we can investigate why the card has not been received, and get card(s) mailed out as quickly as possible.  In order to do this, we need as much information as possible from you.

Personal Information

The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of tracking down missing certification card(s).

Please provide the name used when taking the course, or other names we may have you entered in the Data Base with.

Course(s) That you have not received certification cards for

Please provide the name of pool or location course was completed at.

Please provide the name of the instructor of the course.

Please provide as accurately as possible the completion date of the course. If possible use the date from temporary card that was issued. If the date is not known, a rough idea will help. ie: Spring Break 2009.

Please provide the date & location/province of where you completed any pre-requisites, or previous courses.

Contact Information

Occasionally, we have issued a card to an incorrect address, and mail gets returned to us. Providing us with your complete mailing address will make it easy for us to update your address and get your cards to you.

Address where certification card should be mailed.

Please provide any additional information that may aid us in tracking down your missing certification card.