Test Sheets and Rosters


The recommended software for completing test sheets is Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free for MacOS and Windows operating systems: http://www.get.adobe.com/reader

The Lifesaving Society has noted technical difficulties such as missing data and corrupted files when using other PDF software such as Apple Preview or internet browsers (i.e. Google Chrome) to fill in test sheets.

For instructions on how to fill in test sheets, please read the following guide:

Lifesaving Programs

Example Test Sheet:

Swim to Survive Courses

Canadian Swim Patrol Courses

Bronze Family Courses

Lifesaving Leadership Courses & Recerts

First Aid Programs

Example Test Sheet:

CPR Courses

First Aid Courses

First Aid Leadership Courses & Recerts

National Lifeguard Programs

Example Test Sheet:

National Lifeguard Courses & Recerts

National Lifeguard Leadership Courses & Recerts

Specialized Training

Aquatic Safety Management

Water Rescue for First Responders Course

  • WRFR

Leadership Courses

  • WRFR Instructor
  • WRFR Instructor Recert

Coaching and Officiating