Swim to Survive

The majority of people who drown had no intention of going into the water. For swimmers and non-swimmers alike, immersion is sudden, unexpected and often silent. For this reason, the Lifesaving Society believes that in Canada's water rich environment, minimum swimming ability is a required life skill for survival.

Through Swim to Survive (STS) and Swim to Survive program, the Society gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves. Like fire safety and bike safety, everyone deserves to learn the life skills that Swim to Survive provides…the skills necessary to survive an unexpected fall into deep water.

Dr. Steve Beerman, Past President of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) encourages community groups to provide Swim to Survive skills to all children.

ILS research findings from around the world offer clear evidence that teaching the survival swimming skills taught in Swim to Survive decreases drowning, potentially reducing the mortality and morbidity from aquatic incidents by 50%.

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*For instructional resources look in the Lifesaving Instructor's Group.