Are you Ready? - DVD Workbook Combo

Are You Ready? - DVD
Are You Ready? Workbook
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Companion to the Are You Ready? Workbook.   

In an effort to further the education of recreation staff and assist in their preparedness for managing a major incident, the Lifesaving Society's Aquatic Safety Management Services has created this training tool.

Our objective is to provide valuable information to recreation staff that will assist them in creating plans for the prevention, response and follow-up to any major incident. Examples focus primarily on major incidents within a facility, such as a recreation complex or swimming pool.

This workbook provides a guide to planning for a major incident and will:

  • answer questions surrounding major incidents,
  • help prevent or lessen the impact of such incidents,
  • improve staff awareness of possible situations and solutions,
  • assist in developing plans and tools to manage situations when they occur, and
  • identify resources to assist in planning, training and supporting staff before and following a major incident. 

Major incidents can happen anywhere regardless of facility size, location or history.