Safeguard for Scouts Canada

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to announce that Scouts Canada has mandated the Lifesaving Society Safeguard Program as a Scout Leader requirement.  The importance of training Scout Leaders in safety near, on and in the water cannot be understated.

The Safeguard Program provides safety supervision training for leaders  (e.g., day-camp counsellors, counsellors-in-training and others) who accompany groups to pools or waterfronts. The course stresses the responsibility undertaken by these group leaders for safeguarding those in their care, even when under lifeguard supervision.

Safeguard focuses on water safety awareness, accident prevention and the principles of aquatic safety supervision. Safeguard teaches participants how to identify hazards and at-risk behaviours, how to recognize potential victims, and how to respond safely in an aquatic emergency.

Safeguard training is conducted by a current Lifesaving Instructor using the Safeguard CD for the course content.  The course is designed for swimmers and non-swimmers alike; there are no prerequisites required. Ideally, guardians are at least 12 years of age, able to swim, and have some lifesaving experience.

In general, the training takes about 3-4 hours; however, the actual time needed may vary with the number and maturity of the candidates and their prior knowledge, training and experience.

Safeguard does not require an in-water session. However, where time and facilities allow, an in-water session is beneficial for practicing victim recognition and low-risk, non-contact rescue response in shallow water.

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be issued a certification card with a Member Number allowing them to track their awards online.