National Lifeguard Options

The Lifesaving Society strongly recommends that lifeguards hold a current NL in the option specific to the environment in which they are employed.

For example:
Lifeguards employed at a pool hold a current NL Pool option.
Lifeguards employed at a waterpark hold a current NL Waterpark option.
Lifeguards employed at a waterfront hold a current NL Waterfront option.
Lifeguards employed at a surf area hold a current NL Surf option.

It is the employer’s responsibility to make the final decision based on input from risk managers, insurance provider and aquatic professionals. Although the 44 hours of lifeguard training contained in the NL Pool option provides the lifeguard with basic principles and skills, each environment has its own set of circumstances that, at the very least, require the employer to ensure that adequate supplemental inservice training specific to the environment be provided. In addition, safety and rescue equipment appropriate for the environment and conditions must be supplied.

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