Lifesaving Society First Aid/CPR Update

Changes in resuscitation, CPR and first aid protocols are made every five years based on a review of the latest scientific research. The 2016 Canadian Consensus Guidelines were developed by the Canadian Consensus Task Force (comprised of the Heart & Stroke Foundation Canada, the Lifesaving Society, the Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance and the Canadian Ski Patrol). These Guidelines were developed from the most recent changes released by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and the American Heart Association in 2015.

The Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon Branch has integrated the 2016 Canadian Consensus Guidelines into its training programs and is now  prepared to implement the new standards. 

The Canadian Consensus Guidelines Task Force requires that all first aid training agencies update their instructors. The  Lifesaving Society has developed a web-based update process for all of its instructors.

Who must complete the Lifesaving Society First Aid/CPR Update?

  • This update is part of the mandatory recertification requirements for all Lifesaving Instructors, CPR & First Aid Instructors, National Lifeguard Instructors, Lifesaving Instructor Trainers, First Aid Instructor Trainers and National Lifeguard Instructor Trainers.
  • All Lifesaving Society Instructors and Instructor Trainers who wish to remain current must complete a Lifesaving Society First Aid / CPR Update.
  • Lifesaving Society Instructors who have not been active over the past few years, but may want to reactivate their instructor and examiner qualifications also must complete a Lifesaving Society First Aid/CPR Update.

Completing the Lifesaving Society First Aid / CPR Update is a three-step process.

STEP ONE: Watch the Video

Watch the video below that identifies the changes with first aid and CPR through discussion and demonstration. Subscribe to our channel for regular video updates and events!


STEP TWO: Take the Quiz

Complete this 25 question quiz with a score of 20 or higher out of 25 (80%). If you are unsuccessful, watch the video again and retake the quiz.

STEP THREE: Pay the Fee

A credit card or prepaid credit card (set up for online purchasing) is needed to process the payment using the same email address as your quiz as it will be used for cross referencing with your member account. Please note that only one update can be processed per transaction (ie: one member number per transaction).




STEP FOUR: Bring Your Find-A-Member Record to your Recert

Once you have completed the three steps above, the Lifesaving Society – BC & Yukon Branch will update your Find-A-Member record. Allow for a processing time of 5 business days. Please bring a record of this to your LSI/LSIT, FAI/FAIT, NLI/NLIT recertifications coming up in Spring 2017.

Any Lifesaving Instructors, First Aid Instructors, National Lifeguard Instructors and all Instructor Trainers are required to complete the Lifesaving Society First Aid/CPR Updates prior to their recertification as of April 1, 2017. 

Those who do not complete their Lifesaving Society First Aid/CPR Updates prior to their recertification will receive a pre-requisite fail, and will not be issued a temporary card. A card will be mailed upon proof of completion.

Implementation Timeline

All Lifesaving Society courses being taught as of April 1, 2017 must include the changes discussed in the update. However, instructors can begin teaching the new material upon completion of their update.

More Information

The following new manuals are available with the first aid/CPR update changes and can be purchased through our website:
  • Canadian Lifesaving Manual
  • Canadian CPR-HCP Manual
  • Canadian First Aid Manual
  • Alert Manual
  • Bronze Medals Award Guide
  • First Aid Award Guide
  • National Lifeguard Award Guide
If you have any questions, call 604-299-5450 or Tweet @LifesavingBCYK!
Brooke Cherfils, Education Director -