Supervision Evaluation and Enhancement (SEE) Auditor


This is the first step on the path to becoming an Aquatic Safety Auditor!

The SEE Auditor course is designed to give participants the knowledge, training and tools required to evaluate the effectiveness of lifeguard and instructor supervision using Lifesaving Society SEE checklists. SEE evaluations assist in developing consistent on-the-job aquatic safety supervision skills by providing real time observation and evaluation.

National Lifeguard Pool --National Lifeguard certification (need not be current) and a minimum of 100 hr. experience as a lifeguard or National Lifeguard Instructor (need not be current)
Next Step (notes): 
Aquatic Supervisor Training and/or Aquatic Safety Inspector
Instructional Time: 

4-6 hrs (3-4 hrs in class and 1-2 hrs on deck)


A certification card will be issued to successful candidates.


No recertification required.