Rookie Patrol

Rookie Patrol

Rookie Patrol features stroke development, fitness (100m endurance swim), self rescue, assessment of a conscious injured patient requiring EMS, treatment of bleeding and throwing assist rescues.

A work-hard/play-hard approach develops swimming strength and efficiency with emphasis on personal responsibility for Water Smart® behaviour.

Ability to swim 25m and tread water for 1 minute
Any age, geared towards 8-12 year olds
Next Step: 
Ranger Patrol
Instructional Time: 

10 hours consisting of both dry and wet sessions.


Candidates are issued a Wallchart to track their progress through the Canadian Swim Patrol Program.  Earn Swim Patrol Seals for Water Proficiency, First Aid and Rescue items.  The Rookie Patrol crest is issued when all three seals are earned.


Rookie Patrol does not expire.

Evaluation and Other Items: 

All items are taught and evaluated by a current Lifesaving Instructor.