NL Recert Conductor

NL Recert Conductor

The National Lifeguard Recert Conductor Apprenticeship will provide the NL Instructor with the practical skills necessary to become an NL Recertification Conductor (NLRC).  Once appointed, NL Recert Conductors can teach and evaluate NL Recertification in the options they hold.

NL Instructor Current
Next Step: 
NL Instructor Trainer
Instructional Time: 
  • NL Recert Conductor Apprenticeship (8 hours + preparation) 

Appointed NLRCs will be issued a certification card with a certification date linked to the NLI award.


The NLRC award is current for 2 years.  After two years the NLRC will need to attend an NLI/NLIT Recertification in order to continue teaching (extensions will not be granted).  NLRC currency is linked to the candidates NLI certification.

Evaluation and Other Items: 
  • Knowledge of NL program policies and administrative procedures
  • Use of NL Precert/Recert materials
  • Ability to use the NL Award Guide in the evalaution of NL Recert candidates