NL Instructor

National Lifeguard Instructor

The NL Instructor (NLI) award trains candidates to teach and evaluate the National Lifeguard program.

In addition to providing NL training for the public, NL Instructors can also act as mentors to new lifeguard staff and provide a leadership role in inservice training.

Instructor candidates learn specific strategies designed to train lifeguards in supervision, advanced rescue techniques and public relations. Upon completion of the required apprenticeship, NL Instructors can teach any NL option they hold.

All NL Instructor courses are approved by the Branch office and held at various locations thoughout the Branch. Interested candidates must contact the Branch to obtain an Individual Activity Report to submit to the Instructor on day 1 of the course as proof of teaching experience prerequisite. 

NL Instructor course materials and assignments will be sent to the candidates 4 weeks prior to the course to provide enough time to complete the precourse assignmets and read the Alert Manual. 

National Lifeguard Pool Current within 2 years, recertified at least once
Lifesaving Instructor Current within 2 years
First Aid Instructor Recommended, not required
18 years old by last day of course
Have taught at least 2 Bronze level courses
Lifeguarding experience
Next Step: 
NL Recert Conductor
Next Step (notes): 
National Lifeguard Recert Conductor
Instructional Time: 
  • Complete a pre-course assignment and hand it in on or before the first day of the course.
  • Attend 100% of the 32 hour NL Instructor course.
  • Prepare and present peer teaching topics utilizing assigned teaching techniques.

In order to achieve certification as an NL Instructor, the candidate must successfully complete 1 apprenticeship on an NL Pool course within 2 years of the completion of the NLI course.



Candidates that have shown the pre-requisites and successfully completed the course and required apprenticeship(s) will be issued a certification card by the Branch office for all options held.

Please contact us if you have not received your permanent card within 60 days of sending in your apprenticeship forms.

Please retain a copy of your apprenticeship forms for your records.


All appointed NLIs and NLI Apprentices (not completed co-teaches) must attend an NLI Recertification every two years (from date of certification or from the course date for NLI Apprentices).

Please ensure that your keep the Branch Office informed of your current email and mailing address.

Evaluation and Other Items: 
  • Understanding of NL Program Policies
  • NL Program Administration & Use of Materials
  • How People Learn
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Course Planning (long-term and short-term lesson planning)
  • Class Safety & Supevision
  • Teaching Knowledge - Lifeguarding
  • Teaching Judgement - Designing Simulations
  • Teaching Skills & Fitness
  • Effective Feedback
  • Evaluation