Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals Level 4


The Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals program offers a recreational introduction to lifesaving sport skills while teaching team building, fair play, ethics in sport and personal responsibility. Lifesaving Sport competition opportunities are available through TeleGames and regional and provincial competitions.

The Lifesaving Society is the Canadian governing body for lifesaving sport – a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Level 4: In this level, participants set long-term goals and learn how to Stay Healthy. Level 4 skills include dive starts from starting block, front and back crawl flip turns and breaststroke turns. Stroke work includes 50 m front and back crawl and breaststroke, a 50 m sprint and a 400 m workout. Participants acquire throwing accuracy under the pressure of a time limit. Eggbeater and scissor kicks, and in-water object support (2 min.) are the focus of lower body work.

Instructional Time: 

6-8 Hours.


Instructor issued Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals Progress Report and Certificate.

Evaluation and Other Items: 

Level 4:

1. Set a long-term goal.

2. Demonstrate understanding of how to Stay Healthy.

3. Demonstrate a dive from a starting block.

4. Demonstrate a dive start relay transition from a starting block.

5. Demonstrate a streamlined finish on front and on back.

6. Demonstrate front crawl flip turn, back crawl flip turn, breaststroke turn.

7. Swim front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke - 50 m each.

8. Sprint - 1 x 50 m.

9. Complete a 400-m workout.

10. Demonstrate accuracy: hit a target at 4-5 m with a rope as many times as possible in 60 sec.

11. Throw rope two different ways.

12. Dive and swim with fins - 25 m.

13. Eggbeater kick on back - 25 m.

14. Scissor kick - 15 m.

15. Swim 2 x 25 m passing under an obstacle located at the halfway point.

16. Dive start from deck with rescue tube; swim 25 m to secure a partially filled manikin; tow 10 m.

17. Tread water supporting an object - 2 min