Lifesaving for Lay Rescuers


The Lifesaving for Lay Rescuers (LLR) program was developed in response to a variety of statistics from the 2006 National Drowning Report where:

  • Drowning is identified as the 3rd leading cause of death in Canada and the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 10
  • Nearly 500 people die every year in water-related incidents
  • Most people drown less than 15m from safety
  • Over half of the incidents occur in the company of others

In light of the drowning trends, the Lifesaving for Lay Rescuer course was designed to offer basic, low risk water rescue training to individuals who spend time around the water, but may not know how to swim or have weak swimming skills.

For individuals who can swim, the Lifesaving Society recommends the Bronze Medallion program as entering the water (shallow or deep) puts the rescuer in a high risk situation and requires special skills to perform a water rescue safely.

No swimming ability required.
Next Step: 
Bronze Medallion
Instructional Time: 

Course length 3-4 hours depending on class size and swimming ability.


Non-certification course.

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