Junior Lifeguard Clubs


Canadian Swim Patrol and Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals

are the foundations for Junior Lifeguard Clubs



There is no "failure" in the Junior Lifeguard Club. Members enjoy high activity challenges in a learning environment where personal effort and success are recognized.

You can earn Lifesaving Awards without leaving the Club: Canadian Swim Patrol Awards - Rookie Patrol, Ranger Patrol, Star Patrol



The Junior Lifeguard Club is designed for members with differing abilities. Friends (and siblings) can join the Junior Lifeguard Club together even if they are of different ages and different abilities.



LIFESAVING SPORT FUNDAMENTALS is a five-level Pool program organized as follows:

1.     Lifesaving Sport Principles

2.     Starts, Turns, Transitions & Finishes

3.     Swim Proficiencies

4.     Lifesaving Sport Skills

The Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals Program offers a recreational introduction to lifesaving sport skills while teaching team building, fair play, ethics in sport and personal responsibility.

The program builds on the learn-to-swim skills for kids 8-12yrs of age and compliments other Lifesaving Society programs such as the Swim Patrol program.

The program keeps kids active by promoting a healthy lifestyle to children which will be with them for a lifetime.

Lifesaving Sport uses the True Sport Principles: Go for it, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy and Give Back and incorporates the fundamentals of Long-Term Athlete Development.

THE CANADIAN SWIM PATROL (CSP) is a 3-level pre-Bronze award progression that delivers “work hard/play hard” training for skilled swimmers 8-12 years old. 

Canadian Swim Patrol is designed to take young swimmers beyond the learn-to-swim program and to provide them with basic lifesaving skills.

Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol programs each have three modules:

1.     Water Proficiency

2.     Recognition & Rescue

3.     First Aid

Candidates earn recognition for success in content modules (stickers) and for overall award achievement (badges).

Club members - and their parents - can track individual progress in aquatic skills, lifesaving knowledge and activities that promote both leadership and teamwork in their personal Waterlog using recognition seals.


You can earn 7 different kinds of Recognition Seals for:

  • Community Education
  • Leadership/Teamwork
  • Lifesaving Knowledge
  • Lifesaving Skills
  • Swimming Skills
  • Fitness
  • Competition = TeleGames

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8-12 Years old
Can swim 25 meters
Can tread water for 1 minute
Next Step: 
Bronze Star
Instructional Time: 

Formats vary from facility to facility.

Junior Lifeguard Club