JLC Coach


The Junior LIfeguard Club coaching clinic will give instructors the necesary tools to take candidates from the learn-to-swim environment into a club setting.  The clinic will explore how to set up and run a club (including programming, promotion, development and challenges).  The water session will focus on equipment, activities, Telegames and competition events. The JLC Coaching clinic is a great way to meet other coaches and build a strong networks to enhance the success of all JLC clubs.

In the event that a JLC Coaching clinic is not available in your area, current Lifesaving Instructors can coach a Junior Lifeguard Club using the JLC Coaching Manual (available from the Branch office).

Lifesaving Instructor Issued within past 2 years.
Instructional Time: 

4 hours combined classroom & water time.

Evaluation and Other Items: 

The clinic covers:

  • Concept of a Junior LIfeguard Club
  • Club Membership
  • The Difference between Lessons and Clubs
  • Advantages of JLC
  • Challenges of JLC
  • Serious Fun Theme of JLC
  • Personal Bests concept
  • Overview of Program
  • Format
  • Coaches
  • Content
  • Target Group
  • Setting up/Getting Started
  • Materials
  • Administration
  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Competition
  • JLC Jamborees
  • Miscellaneous
  • Tips and Ideas
  • Course Content

And much much more.

Junior Lifeguard Club