First Aid Trainer

First Aid Trainer

Lifesaving First Aid Instructors who hold a current Lifesaving Instructor Trainer certification can apply to become a First Aid Instructor Trainer.  Candidates will have to successfully complete an FAI Course Apprenticeship prior to appointment.

First Aid Instructor Trainers can facilitate the First Aid Instructor Course, First Aid Instructor Recert clinic and act as a Mentor for First Aid Instructor Apprentices.

First Aid Instructor Current within 3 years, recertified at least once
Lifesaving Instructor Trainer Current within 2 years
Taught at least 4 SFA courses and 2 LSI courses
Instructional Time: 

Candidates must apprentice on a minimum of 1 First Aid Instructor course (32 hours) with a qualified FAIT.


Certification card is sent upon appointment as a Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Trainer.  The certification date will be linked to the FAI certification date.


FAIT certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.  FAITs recertify by attending and participating in an FAI/FAIT Recert. 

Evaluation and Other Items: 

Candidates learn about teaching strategies, planning, class management, safety supervision and the principles of evaluation from a 'train-the-trainer’ perspective.