First Aid Instructor Recert

First Aid Instructor Recert


Recertification of First Aid Instructor certification is achieved by attending an 8-hour First Aid Instructor Recertification course. This course also recertifies Standard First Aid with CPR C/AED

First Aid Instructor Current FAI within 5 years.
Next Step (notes): 
First Aid Instructor Trainer
Instructional Time: 

The FAI Recert is a minimum of 7 hours.  The FAI Recert is taught and evaluated by a current Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Trainer.


First Aid Instructor Recertification card.


The FAI award is current for 3 years.  After three years the FAI/FAIT will need to attend an FAI Recert clinic in order to continue teaching (extensions will not be granted).  FAIs/FAITs have a 2 year ‘grace period’ for recertification, but cannot teach during this time. Any FAI/FAIT who is under 5 years from the date of issue can recertify by attending an FAI Recert clinic.

Any FAI/FAIT who is 5 to 9 years from the date of issue can recertify by attending a full FAI course again or by completing a Bridges package prior to attending an FAI Recertification.

Any FAI/FAIT who is more than 10 years past the date of issue must take the FAI/FAIT course again.

Evaluation and Other Items: 
  • To review First Aid  program policies and administrative procedures
  • To provide a program update on all CPR and First Aid programs in the continuum
  • To review core knowledge and skill components to ensure consistent delivery of CPR and First Aid programs
  • To provide participants with updated materials to promote, teach, evaluate and administer the First Aid programs