Bronze Cross Recert


The Bronze programs are lifetime awards, meaning that they do not need to be current in order to take on-going training (e.g. Bronze Cross does not need to be current in order to take Lifesaving Instructor or National Lifeguard).  

If an individual requires Bronze Cross for employment purposes (e.g. at a camp), the employer may require it to be current. In this case, it must be current within two years.  The 'lifetime award' designation does not apply when used as a vocational certification (for employment purposes).

Bronze Cross Proof of previous certification.
Instructional Time: 

4 hours consisting of both dry and wet sessions.


Successful candidates will be issued a temporary certification card on the last day of course. A permanent Certification Card will be mailed within 60 days. Please contact the Branch if temporary card has expired and the permanent card has not been received.


Bronze Cross is a ‘lifetime award’ meaning that it does not need to be current in order to take further lifesaving, lifeguard or leadership training (e.g.  Standard First Aid, National Lifeguard, or Lifesaving Instructor)