Aquatic Safety Auditor Clinic


The Aquatic Safety Auditor Clinic is for aquatic professionals who want the knowledge and practical experience that will enable them to conduct safety audits of aquatic operations within a community. It is the first step in a two-step process to be appointed as a Lifesaving Society Safety Auditor. (Safety Auditor Lifesaving BC & Yukon Workbook included in this clinic).

Safety Auditor Appointment

Safety Auditors are experienced Safety Inspectors who undergo specific training to conduct Lifesaving Society Comprehensive Audit.

Following the clinic, candidates apprentice on at least one full aquatic safety audit with a Chief Auditor. With a positive recommendation from an Aquatic Safety Chief Auditor, auditor candidates submit a completed training record to the Society’s office. The Society may subsequently appoint candidates as Aquatic Safety Auditors. 

Aquatic Safety Inspector Need not be current.
Pool Operator 1 & 2 (Need not be current.)
Instructional Time: 

4 hours + apprenticeship (4 hrs in class)


Aquatic Safety Auditors remain current for 24 months from date of appointment (by the Society's Program Manager). 

Only current Safety Auditors may conduct Lifesaving Comprehensive Aquatic Safety Audits. Safety Auditors are required to attend a Safety Auditor recertification course to recertify.