Honour And Rescue Ceremony

The Honour and Rescue Awards celebrate the human spirit of giving. The Honour awards praise the dedicated efforts of the Lifesaving Society’s volunteers with presentations based on years of service. From Certificate of Thanks (2 years) to the Service Cross (15 years) and Bar to the Service Cross (20+ years) these Commonwealth awards are highly regarded by the Society. They are approved by the Royal Life Saving Society (founding Branch of the Society) located in England and signed by Prince Michael of Kent, the Commonwealth President of the Royal Life Saving Society.

The Rescue Awards continue the celebration by rewarding people for unselfishness in putting their lives on the line during a water rescue. The selections are made from rescues reported in the news, from individual recommendations and from police reports.

The Rescue Awards are as follows:

Silver Medal of Merit
Acknowledges meritorious service in saving a life during a water rescue.

Silver Medal for Bravery
Acknowledges water rescues involving significant acts of bravery.

M.G. Griffiths Award
Given to a Lifesaving Society proficiency award holder who applied skill and knowledge gained through the Society’s programs to aid a victim of an aquatic emergency.

George A. Brown Memorial Gold Medal & Scholarship
Presented annually to a pre-teen performing the most courageous aquatic rescue of the year. The young hero’s medal, bearing the Brown family arms and motto “Courage and Determination”, is accompanied by a $500 scholarship award. George Brown was a former Branch Governor and was committed to youth involvement in lifesaving.

Governor’s Gold Medal for Bravery
Chosen by the Governor of the B.C. & Yukon Branch and presented for the most heroic
rescue of the year.

The Honour and Rescue Awards Ceremony allow family, friends, dignitaries and Society supporters to formally recognize the dedicated efforts of award recipients.