Help, I don't know my Member Number!

Your Member number can be found in the bottom right of your certification cards.   If you have not received your cards or have lost or misplaced them, we can help.  Simply fill in and submit this form and we will get back to you within 2 business days with your member number so you can check your award/certification history online.

The "Find-a-Member" service on our site is a great way to look up your records and provide proof of your certifications.  The Find-a-Member print out is valid proof of pre-requisites for courses and recertifications.

Please use this form if you require us to send your British Columbia member number to you.   We do not have access to your member # from other provinces.   

If you have completed a course, your temporary card has expired and you have not received your award card(s), please use the 'No Card Received' form.

Use this area to provide us with any additional information such as when/where you completed your most recent certification, or any other details you wish to provide.