First Aid Program

Lifesaving Society First Aid Continuum

As of July 1, 2019:

The Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon Branch has implemented a new First Aid continuum which includes Occupational First Aid Level 1 equivalent courses, approved by WorkSafeBC:

  • CPR A (with AED)
  • CPR C (with AED)
  • Basic Life Support Responder (BLS) - New course
  • Airway Management & Oxygen Administration (AMOA)
  • Emergency First Aid (EFA) – OFA Level 1 equivalent
  • Emergency First Aid Child & Residential Care (EFA-CRC) – OFA Level 1 equivalent
  • Standard First Aid (SFA) – OFA Level 1 equivalent
  • Standard First Aid Recertification (SFAR) – OFA Level 1 equivalent

As a result of our transition to a new continuum of First Aid courses, the following courses will no longer be offered by the Lifesaving Society:

  • CPR B
  • AED Responder
  • EFA Recertification
  • Aquatic Emergency Care

Why Occupational First Aid?

Lifesaving Society First Aid is recognized as one of the leading 5 first aid programs in Canada. Courses are flexible and tailored to meet both the needs of those who require workplace-specific training, and those who are taking first aid for personal interest.

Lifesaving First Aid’s comprehensive curriculum:

  • follows International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation Guidelines
  • meets the CSA Group Standards enabling First Aid certifications to be transferable to workplaces in all Provinces and Territories across Canada
  • uses a simplified method of teaching to assist candidates in first aid recall post-course
  • uses a fun, hands-on and interactive training style

Basic Life Support Responder (BLS)

In addition to OFA Equivalent courses, the updated Lifesaving First Aid program will incorporate a new, industry-forward, Basic Life Support Responder (BLS) course.

Basic Life Support training is designed for Health Care Providers such as doctors, nurses, paramedics or those who work in a health care field and require the Health Care Provider CPR C certification. In addition to all CPR C level skills, participants are taught how to work as part of a multi-person team, do simultaneous assessment of breathing and pulse, stand-alone rescue breathing and use bag-valve-masks. This course has no prerequisites and is valid for 1 year from date of issue.

For more information about the updated Lifesaving First Aid courses, read the First_AId_Continuum_descriptions_-_June_24_2019.pdf, or contact Member Services at 604.299.5450 or by email:


First aid training from the Lifesaving Society is a continuation of the Society’s efforts to provide Canadians with the education to prevent injuries and provide appropriate rescue responses if an injury occurs.

First aid is a valuable life skill that is applicable in any environment. It provides people with the rescue skills to manage illness or injuries while accessing emergency services. 

The First Aid training program includes an injury prevention component as research has shown that individuals with first aid training are less likely to become injured.

The Lifesaving Society First Aid programs Include: