Facility Design Safety Review

The intent of the Facility Design Safety Audit is to provide an independent review of the proposed plan of a facility taking into consideration operational aspects of the design such as surveillance sightlines, rescue viability, lifeguard stations, pool/deck traffic patterns, potential hazards, play equipment and any other factors which could affect the safety of facility users and staff. The assessment is done to ensure a high standard of safety which goes beyond minimum standards or regulations.

Auditors will review design drawings and supporting documentation, meet with architects/designers and regulatory bodies and collect other relevant data in order to prepare a comprehensive written report. The report will contain recommendations and rationale for changes to design that will ensure a high standard of safety during facility operation.

The audit process can take place at one or several stages of design, but preferably at the functional design phase in order to detect concerns at an early stage thereby minimizing potential financial impact of changes. The audit team will draw knowledge and experience from many other aquatic facilities and will discuss concerns openly with involved parties.

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