Comprehensive Audit

A Comprehensive Audit includes analysis of many components of an aquatic facility consisting of, but not limited to:

Pool Safety Plan

  • Complete, well-written, clearly laid out, up-to-date
  • Includes all required components set out by the BC Pool Regulations and health departments

Record Keeping

  • Incident & accident forms, log books, daily opening/closing checklists
  • Communication logs, tracking procedures, relevant manuals/regulations on hand
  • Staff qualifications & training
  • Water quality & test records, material safety data sheets

Lifeguard Practices and Procedures

  • Scanning, rotation, positioning, public relations, distractions, uniforms
  • Lifeguard to patron ratio, parent to tot ratio, group orientation process
  • Prevention, risk management, adjustment to variable conditions
  • Patron rescue & treatment procedures

Emergency Equipment

  • Condition, storage methods, completeness, focal points, accessibility
  • Personal protective equipment, first aid kits, emergency lighting
  • Provincial Swimming Pool Regulation and WorkSafeBC requirements

Bather and Staff Safety

  • Facility design/layout, depth markings, accessibility, entrapment hazards
  • Water quality, turnover rates, signage, lighting, deck/gutter conditions, drains
  • Air quality, humidity, chloramines
  • Play equipment, ladders, ropes

Pool Operations

  • Facility maintenance, filter room, mechanical rooms, chemical storage/handling
  • Facility cleanliness, cleaning schedule, cleaning products and use
  • State of physical plant, maintenance schedules, procedures posted
  • Security of building and person

Staff Training

  • Inservice content, frequency, EMS integration, leadership, records, follow-up
  • Orientation for new staff, lifting techniques, other staff safety items
  • Training appropriate to job, WHMIS, Pool Operator, etc.

 To request an audit please submit an Aquatic Safety Audit Request Form.

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