Canadian Swim Patrol

The Canadian Swim Patrol (CSP) is a 3-level pre-Bronze award progression that delivers “work hard/play hard” training for skilled swimmers 8-12 years old. Canadian Swim Patrol is designed to take young swimmers beyond the learn-to-swim program and to provide them with basic lifesaving skills. Candidates earn recognition for success in content modules (stickers) and for overall award achievement (badges).
The Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol programs each have three modules to include Water Proficiency, Recognition & Rescue and First Aid. The CSP program:
  • Allows for integration of the CSP into existing learn-to-swim programs (Swim for Life, Red Cross, I Can Swim and YMCA programs).
  • Provides the swimming, rescue and first aid skills necessary to prepare candidates for success in the Bronze Medal programs.
  • Provides programming for customers such as summer camps or schools in conjunction with school-based swimming programs.