Test Sheets and Rosters

It is strongly recommended that test sheets are:

  1. Downloaded then filled in to ensure that Instructors have a local copy of the document. 
  2. Filled out using computer's PDF software rather than an internet browser PDF software.

Lifesaving Programs

Example Test Sheet:

  • Bronze Medallion - Example (2018) - Coming Soon

Swim to Survive Courses

Canadian Swim Patrol Courses

Bronze Family Courses

Lifesaving Leadership Courses & Recerts

First Aid Programs

Example Test Sheet:

  • Standard First Aid - Example (2018) - Coming Soon

CPR Courses

AED Courses

First Aid Courses

First Aid Leadership Courses & Recerts

National Lifeguard Programs

Example Test Sheet:

  • National Lifeguard Pool - Example (2018) - Coming Soon

National Lifeguard Courses & Recerts

National Lifeguard Leadership Courses & Recerts

Specialized Training

Aquatic Safety Management Courses - (Performance Record) 

Head Lifeguard Course

Water Rescue for First Responders Course

  • WRFR

Leadership Courses

  • WRFR Instructor
  • WRFR Instructor Recert

Coaching and Officiating