Swim To Survive School Grant Program

The Lifesaving Society’s Canadian Swim to Survive Standard defines the essential minimum skills required to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. The Society recognizes that there is a wide range of aquatic training well beyond this minimum.

The Lifesaving Society’s Swim to Survive Program consists of:

  • 3 in-water lessons of 1 hour each, focusing on a sequence of 3 skills:
    Roll entry – Tread water 1 minute – Swim 50 metres
  • 3 in-classroom water safety lessons

What is a Swim to Survive School Program grant?

A Swim to Survive grant may only be used to help provide a minimum of 3 in-water Swim to Survive lessons to Grade 3 children within an elementary school program, during school hours. Grant funds may be used to help defray the costs of:

  • transporting students between school and pool
  • instructor costs

Who may apply for a grant?

Any municipality affiliated with the BC & Yukon Branch of the Lifesaving Society is eligible to apply. There is also the opportunity for a partnership between municipalities, regional governments and school boards. The Lifesaving Society will also accept applications from individual elementary schools in districts where the municipality or local school board is not participating.

How are grants approved?

The Lifesaving Society selects grant recipients on the basis of the criteria outlined below.  Effort will be made to allocate grants within each region to both rural and urban locations, private and public schools.

Evaluation criteria

The Lifesaving Society will only fund applicants who have the capacity to execute the Swim to Survive School Program successfully. Priority will be given to:

  • incorporated organizations such as school boards, schools, municipalities, YMCAs
  • boards and schools with confirmed access to aquatic facilities

In reviewing applications, the Lifesaving Society will evaluate:

  • grant-per-student ratio. Because the Society aims to deliver survival training to as many students as possible, the grant-per-student becomes an important factor in maximizing the impact of the available funds.
  • ability to provide proof of insurance coverage for participants during transportation and during in-water lessons.

Application Deadlines 

  • Applications are not being accepted at this time. Stay tuned for future funding opportunities.

May I apply more than once?

Yes, applicants may apply again, but not for the same students previously funded.

How do I apply?

Send a completed application to:

Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive School Program
#112 – 3989 Henning Drive, Burnaby, B.C.   V5C 6N5     

When is grant money paid?

The Lifesaving Society releases grant funds only after completion of the Swim to Survive Program and once the Society has received the required final reports:

  • Swim to Survive worksheets signed by the instructor(s)
  • Activity Report signed by the Affiliate contact

The Society will also be looking for the feedback forms from the school teacher(s) and swim instructor(s). Feedback forms from participants and their parents are also welcome.

Where does the grant money come from?

Thanks to the provincial gaming branch, additional funding is now available.  


If you have questions about the program, application or require classroom materials please contact:

Cheryl Sibany - Program Coordinator at Cherylc@lifesaving.bc.ca