Swim to Survive Day

The Vancouver Park Board, The Lifeguard Outreach Society, and the Lifesaving Society are excited to invite the youth of Vancouver to participate in a free 2 hour survival swimming and lifesaving lesson to help ensure safety around the water this summer.

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Swim to Survive is a Lifesaving Society program offered across Canada that provides simple basic training in three essential skills needed to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. Swim to Survive is different than swimming lessons and not a replacement for them, but an important first step to being safe around water.



Swim to Survive Day Vancouver is open to everyone - ages 7 to 18! 

Participants will learn lifesaving skills and how to survive an unexpected fall into deep water.

  • Roll - Recover from a disorienting fall into water
  • Tread - for 60 seconds
  • Swim - 50 metres
  • Swim to Survive Standard
  • Lifejacket Safety
  • Self Rescue
  • Safely Help a Friend in Danger
  • Basic Resuscitation Skills

Swim to Survive Day Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Swim to Survive Day?

In response to community need, the Lifesaving Society introduced Swim to Survive Day to teach and communicate basic water safety and rescue skills to vulnerable populations, free of charge.  

How do I register?

Click here to register. 

How long is it?

Sessions are 2 hours in length

Who can participate?

Youth ages 7-18

How much is it?


Where and when is Swim to Survive Day?

We are holding two Swim to Survive Days in Vancouver this summer:

Saturday June 10th at Second Beach Pool in Stanley Park

o   9:00AM; 11:30AM; 2:00PM

Sunday June 11th at New Brighton Pool in Vancouver

o   9:00AM; 11:30AM; 2:00PM

What should I bring to Swim to Survive Day?

  • Swim suit

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen & a hat

  • A smile! (we will be taking pictures)

Can I stay and watch?

 Yes! We encourage you to stay on deck and watch.

Where do I go to sign up to be a volunteer?

 Click here to volunteer.