Steps To Becoming A Lifeguard

Build your resume for Life!

Lifeguards & Instructors are in high demand!   Going after a job in aquatic recreation is a rewarding investment in yourself and your future. 

This exciting, well paying field is filled with opportunities for self-development and career advancement.  Pursuing this satisfying career will not only make a difference in your life but in the lives of others. 

Click to view pre-requisites and detailed information on each level or search for Lifesaving Society programs at your local pool.

In addition to holding an NLS (National Lifeguard Service), pools may require additional certifications such as Lifesaving Instructor, Red Cross Water Safety Instructor or an National Lifeguard - Waterpark Option in order to be considered for both part-time and full-time aquatic positions. 

The Lifesaving Society recommends that individuals contact potential employers for complete details and certifications required to apply for aquatic positions.

Everyone deserves a job they love.  Go after yours today!

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