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The Lifesaving Sport Advisory Group Member


Purpose:The Lifesaving Sport Advisory Group supports the Mission, Vision and Values of the Lifesaving BC & Yukon by supporting the activities of the Branch in Lifesaving Sport.


The sport of lifesaving is the only known sport in the world where participants first learn the skills for a humanitarian purpose and only later use them in competition.


The Lifesaving Society is the Canadian governing body for Lifesaving Sport – a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation. Lifesaving Sport is an athletic activity that combines lifesaving, swimming, running, and water craft races. Lifesaving Sport engages and inspires youth in the Society’s humanitarian mission; provides an incentive for lifesaving, skill development and lifeguard training; encourages innovation in lifesaving and lifeguarding technique; and provides opportunities for volunteer recruitment, retention and leadership development.


Lifesaving Clubs

  • Provide opportunities to recruit and train youth as future staff members
  • Promote staff retention and provide opportunities for staff leadership development
  • Enhance staff training by providing incentive for skill and emergency response training and fitness development.

Lifesaving Clubs programing is extremely flexible.

  • Clubs can combine SP & Bronze, first aid training with fitness training. 

  • Clubs can be purely focused on Lifesaving Sport fundamentals and competition

  • Clubs can focus on Juniors Lifeguards or combine Seniors, Juniors and Masters into one

The point is there is NO LIMIT you can define your club based on your community’s needs.


Stay Tuned - Exciting opportunities are upcoming for Clubs, Coaches and Competitors.