Junior Lifeguard Competition - Telegames

The Lifesaving Society’s Junior Lifeguard TeleGames are inter-club level competitions held at aquatic facilities throughout the year. In TeleGames, participants have the opportunity to experience lifesaving sport events in a fun and encouraging competitive environment. TeleGames can be delivered during regularly scheduled club meetings, classes or workouts or as an inter-facility or regional competition. Performances are compared with other lifesavers – with or without travel.

Participating Affiliates may run one or all of the TeleGames’ events at their own facilities. Results of events are forwarded to the scoring centre, where results from all participating Affiliates are compiled.

Lifesaving Affiliates are encouraged to create clubs and promote awareness of Lifesaving Sport activities. Through the development of Lifesaving Sport programs and clubs, youth have the opportunity to become active, increase their personal fitness; learn about competing fairly and setting personal goals.

For more information about Junior Lifesaving 2017-2018 Telegames refer to the handbook.

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