Zajac Ranch Hiring!

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June 18, 2018
Job Description: 

Do you love children? Do you love the high energy and excitement of summer camp? Do you encourage others and go the extra mile to make someone’s day special? We are looking for dedicated, caring, fun-loving people who will help make our summer medical camps a safe and magical experience for children with serious and chronic illnesses and disabilities. At Zajac Ranch for Children, we turn the impossible into possible!


We have many positions available for summer 2018! Below are our two sections of roles, Rangers (program specific staff) and Wranglers(counsellors) Unit Leaders (Lead Counsellors) and Volunteers! Everyone will get a chance to counsel in whichever role they are in!



Rangers are the Zajac Ranch for Children activity leaders. Your job is to make sure that your activity area is run in a safe, fun and positive way. 

Your role is to ensure that all campers can participate to the best of their abilities. The aim of our activities is to provide all campers with a supportive environment while partaking in activities.

Ranger Responsibilities:

•             Responsible for facilitating a safe and fun programming environment.

•             Create and implement an activity program suitable to the interest and 

ability of each camper and each session.

•             Coordinate group programs with available resources to ensure optimum 

participation in the camp activities by each camper.

•             Encourage and provide positive reinforcement to each camper during 

activity session, using the therapeutic recreation model (as covered during staff training)..

•             Assigned a cabin group if not scheduled at activity area (see Wrangler 

job description)

•             Assist in and facilitate all camp programs with assigned staff (i.e. 

evening programs, campfires, theme days, etc.)

•             Any other duties deemed necessary by the Zajac Ranch for Children

Ranger Positions Available:

•             Waterfront Director-  Supporting the Lifeguard staff as well as support 

the Rangers require NLS qualifications to act as a Life Guard at our lakefront dock and indoor swimming pool.

•             Lifeguard – a Ranger with NLS qualifications to act as a Life Guard at 

our lakefront dock and indoor swimming pool.

•             Canoe and Kayak – a Ranger with NLS qualifications and canoeing and 

kayaking experience to teach campers how to canoe and kayak at our waterfront.

•             Ropes Course – a Ranger team to lead campers through our high and low 

ropes course and climbing wall. Previous ropes course/team building experience an asset.

•             Creative Arts – a creative and dramatic Ranger to facilitate with arts 

and crafts projects and drama programs.

•             Outdoor Adventure – a nature-loving Ranger to lead campers in outdoor 

pursuits including: archery orienteering, hiking, campfire building, and other similar programs.

•             Equestrian – a Ranger team with experience working with horses to help 

care for the horses and other animals and ensure that campers have a safe and fun time during program.



Wranglers are the Zajac Ranch for Children cabin counsellors. For each camp session you’ll be a part of a support team responsible for a small group of children with special medical needs. This rewarding position allows you to interact daily and develop a rapport with children with a wide variety of challenges. No two days will be the same and as a Wrangler you’ll be a key influence on a Zajac Ranch camper’s stay.

Wrangler Responsibilities:

•             Live in the cabin with the campers serving as a role model and support.

•             Assist campers in having a safe, fun and enjoyable session.

•             Lead campers to and from activities while providing constant 

encouragement and positive reinforcement.

•             Provide supervision and assistance in all aspects of the camper’s daily 

routine, including but is not limited to: meals, cabin clean-up, camper hygiene, rest hour, scheduled medication times, and behaviour management.

•             Work with your co-counsellors to create a cabin team that will best meet 

the needs of your campers.

•             Assist in and facilitate all camp programs with assigned staff (i.e. 

evening programs, campfires, theme days, etc.)

•             Any other duties deemed necessary by the Zajac Ranch for Children.



With the directors, the Unit Leaders form the support staff at the Zajac Ranch for Children. Collectively the support staff ensures the safe and smooth running of all aspects of camp. Unit Leaders are available to assist with programs, behaviour management, inclusion and reporting. They have a high degree of experience working in the camp environment and understand the needs of youth living with special needs and/or chronic and debilitating illnesses. Our Unit Leaders have the skills and experience to jump into any situation at camp and are our go to problem solvers.

Unit Leader Responsibilities:

•             Ensure that all aspects of camp life are: safe, inclusive, empowering, 

and fun

•             Ensure all camp activities are run according to policies and procedures.

•             Mentor and support all staff and volunteers.

•             Be an active support for behaviour management scenarios.

•             As a team be responsible for the entertainment programs offered at the 

Ranch, this includes theme days, all camp activities and camp fires.

•             Coordinate and train volunteers with Camp Director.

•             Actively participate during regular staff meetings.

•             Communicate programming/scheduling issues with Camp Director.

•             Pass along any maintenance requests to Camp Director.

•             Write a weekly communication report on the details of our camp session.



Summer camps are the most active time to be involved with Zajac Ranch as hundreds of children have the opportunity to visit the camp during the summer months.

Our mission is to provide a safe year round therapeutic environment for children and families faced with chronic illnesses and disabilities. We strive to empower our campers through recreational activities while their physical safety and medical well-being is maintained. YOU, our volunteers, are an integral part of our team and help create the therapeutic environment for our campers. Thank you again for your interest in volunteering at Zajac Ranch.


Ranch Volunteer

Volunteers are always needed for a wide variety of tasks not related to 

working with the children, such as general clean-up, gardening, painting, 

helping with the horses, and general skilled labour. Your help is greatly 

needed! For general volunteer opportunities available at the Ranch please 



Equestrian Volunteer

If you love horses, Therapeutic Riding lessons are offered year round and we 

could always use your help! 


Medical Volunteer

Our 24 hour medical centre, The OK Corral, provides care for every camper. 

Staffed by volunteer medical professionals who donate their time, children 

can receive medical care while experiencing the joys of summer camp.

Zajac Ranch for Children provides not only relief for children, but also for 

the medical staff that cares for them. Leaving typical medical institutions 

does amazing things for children who are dealing with life-threatening 

illnesses, and those around them are encouraged by their remarkable 




We accept applications through Camp Brain So please head to for more information and to apply!

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