Relief Guards

Closing date: 
March 30, 2018
Job Description: 

Relief Guards

The Armstrong Aquatic Center is looking to add part time Relief Guards to our Canlan team that will strive for the best, push each other to be better care takers, and enhance the community of Armstrong through quality supervision, energetic attitudes, and strong leadership. Application open until March 30th. Visit find application info.


National Lifeguard (NL)- Recent up to 2 years

Standard First Aid or AEC (SFA/AEC)- Recent up to 3 years

CPR-C & AED- Recent up to 3 years.



  •  Maintain a high level of physical fitness to ensure Lifesaving Society Standards are met at all times.
  • Stay up to date on all First Aid and NL procedures.
  • Ensure that the Facility is up to health standards at all time.
  • Deliver thorough safety supervision at all times.
  • Deliver Lifesaving techniques up to Lifesaving society standards.
  • Deliver First Aid up to standard according to certification held.
  • Communicate efficiently to all other employees through hand signals.
  • Communicate efficiently to the public through PR skills.
  • Maintain all required and relevant paperwork and records.
  • Attend all Inservices.
  • Show competency using a variety of deck & changeroom cleaning supplies.

Hours & Pay rate:

Pay Rate



Evenings, Weekends. 

Reports Directly To

Aquatic Supervisor, Deck Leaders

Start & End

May 1st- August 30th


Free BCPRA membership; Free fitness center pass.




Contact Info
Victoria Voth
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3347 Park Drive
Province or Territory: 
British Columbia
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